NEWS as of 10.22.02:
Greetings ... we've been talking about the possibility for quite a while, and it finally looks like Nat & I are gonna be playing a gig. We'll be the opening act for Higher Ground (from Portland) when they play at Good Times, here in Eugene. The date is November 8, which is a Friday, and the start time is 9:30pm. .... In other news, it sounds like Joe & his family put an offer on a house very near where I live with my little family -- so this could mean that we'd be able to do more picking, which could mean that we'd get back in the groove of playing out ... we'll see ... In the meantime, I hope to see lots of folks out at the Good Times on November 8, so you can check out what Nat Brown & I have been up to. Thanks for stopping by .... Matt

NEWS as of 6.10.02:
Since Joe has pulled back from playing, I've started jamming with a guy by the name of Nat Brown, who's a damn good guitar picker and all-around good guy. Our first public performance will be at the KLCC Garden Tour on June 23, where we'll just be doing some basic instrumental stuff. We're currently working on a batch of vocal tunes, and once we have a decent repertoire in place we'll start booking some shows. For the time being (until this new group finds a name), I'll be posting news about myself & Nat right here, so please stay tuned.

NEWS as of 6.5.02:
Well .... it looks like Joe's new job and his new role as father mean that he's become too busy to play much guitar ... changing priorities ... So we haven't had a gig in a long time, and unfortunately it looks like this bus is rolling to a stop, or the Broken Homestead is breaking for good, or some other lame metaphor for the premature demise of a good little band.

We did manage to finish another recording before things petered out completely ... see the stuff page for more info. I'm debating whether to release it to radio stations, since Joe & I aren't really playing anymore. But I do have a stack of copies, and it's a nice-sounding disc, so we'll see.

Another disc that's available is the hour-long February 12 appearance on KWVA ... we got to play several tunes and chew the fat with Mr. Random. It's a good document about who we've been as a group and what our approach has been to the music. Go to this page to see some photos from the event, and check the stuff page if you'd like to order a copy.

As always, thanks for stopping by.



Broken Homestead is an acoustic duo based in Eugene, Oregon. They explore the tradition of folk and Americana through improvisation and interplay. The group consists of Joe Carioti on guitar and Matt Brehm on guitar and vocals. They play flatpicked fiddle tunes as well as traditional, contemporary, and original folk songs. If you're not familiar with "flatpicking," the best (brief) definition we've seen comes from Dan Crary: "Lead mur="0">

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Broken Homestead completed a self-produced demo in the Spring of 2001. This is available on CD -- if you’d like to get a copy of their music on disc, contact Matt. In the meantime, you can go to the download music page for some samples. If you’d like to get in touch for booking, contact either Joe or Matt. If it’s necessary, Broken Homestead can provide a full P.A. system, including a 6-channel powered mixer and two 100w speaker cabinets -- everything needed to play amplified to a large room or outdoor area.

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